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Alternatives To Cable TV To Save Your Money

As technology races on, there are more options to watch TV. When it comes to services that help you save money, the cable is never on that list. Most people despise that monthly bill, even if they enjoy watching television, as the cost often seems extreme compared to the value.

This general disdain for the price of television services spurred a new market of options that function as alternatives to cable and satellite tv. Over time, people have adopted these alternatives, officially ditching cable and satellite television (cord cutters!) without having to miss out on their favorite shows. But these days, there are so many options that it can actually be hard to choose.

To be considered a great alternative to cable and satellite tv, the service needs to be affordable and offer a reasonable amount of programming for the cost. Luckily, there are quite a few options that meet those criteria. If you want to lower or eliminate that burdensome tv bill, here are the best alternatives for cable tv for 2020.


A whole new world is coming your way soon thanks to Disney’s streaming service. At this point, Disney basically owns everything, so why not step into the streaming service space? Now you can watch original shows and films along with classic favorites from Disney’s catalog, like Frozen, Mary Poppins and everything else in between. Oh, and we do mean everything else. Let’s not forget all the Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic you can handle (because remember, Disney rules the world and owns all of those things).

But get this: The Disney+ triple package bundle will also offer Hulu and ESPN+. So if watching sports was the only reason you were clinging to your cable cord, your excuse just met its match. Of course, ESPN+ doesn’t carry every single athletic game known to humankind, so just keep that in mind there, sport.


Hulu is most similar to Netflix when it comes to streaming packages. But, it also has some cool features that you won’t find with Netflix. Hulu’s basic $5.99 per month package gives you the ability to view all the movies in the Hulu library. You can also watch complete episodes of many popular TV shows. One downfall with Hulu’s $5.99 package is that you’ll view your shows complete with commercials.

However, if you’re willing to pay $11.99 per month you can view TV show episodes commercial-free. The smaller package includes current TV shows, classic favorites, kids shows, Hulu originals and more. However, it comes with a limit of streaming to only one device at a time.


If traditional cable still has your heart, fear not—here comes Philo to the rescue. You can get 58 popular cable channels like Nick, AMC, TLC, and yes, even Hallmark for $20 a month. Philo’s biggest claim to fame? You can stream it on up to three devices and record as many shows as you want. That means no more family feuds over what you watch every Friday night!


Netflix is what we’ve been using to watch TV mostly, and it’s one of my favorite alternatives to cable TV on this list. That’s because Netflix has some of our favorite TV shows that we could watch over and over again. Netflix has been putting a lot of money into creating its own content, including popular favorites like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Arrested Development, and more.