candy store calgary
Sweet Fusion

Candy Store Calgary

Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada is a wonderful Candy Store called Sweet Fusion. When children and adults alike enter the store they cant help but smile in joy, that their taste buds will so be buzzing. The Sweet Fusion brand represents the priceless years of delicious candy, soda, chocolate and items that is now so hard to find. When I stepped into the store it reminded me of all those yummy brands that disappeared from the local convenience store. Remember the candy called Pez? Sweet Fusion has it, they also have a massive selection other great choices like Mega Sour Bubblegum, Bubblicous, and Jelly Belly.

Here are some more of their famous brands of candy but not all:
– Harbio
– Mike and Ike
– Wonka
– Pez
– Hubba Bubba
– Dots and more!

I also noticed the Soda flavored Tahitian Treat, what a tasty treat, I haven’t had it in decades. With that said, I highly recommend you visit the Candy Store Calgary, you will be jaw stuck at selection of treats that you yourself may of forgotten.