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How To Login QuickPay Portal Using QuickPay Code

QuickPayPortal is an online patient payment portal developed by Athena health to accept payment online. It is one of the best Medical Bill Payment Portals in the united state. A patient or patient’s caretaker can easily pay bills online on code. The portal is more fruitful to connect concerned doctors and patients. The patient keeps always hassle-free to pay medical bills and health records, therefore; he/she only can focus on their doctor’s advice and prescription. It is the most famous portal in the USA.

So let’s know about it in detail. It is n easy way by entering your 15 digits secured code that is very safe to make the payments. If you are looking for information about using the QuickPayPortal, then you are in the right place. We have provided the Sign-in, making payments, QuickPay code in detail.

How to get QuickPay Code?

A QuickPay Code, Statement ID, or Access Code is the most important thing in the whole payment process.
You can’t pay your bills online on this payment portal without QuickPay Code.
QuickPay code is a 15 digits unique identification code necessary to access this portal and make payment.
You will find this unique identification code on your patient billing statement that you received from the medical care.

How to Login QuickPay Portal Using QuickPay Code?

At first, you need to have a QuickPay code which you will find on the patient billing statement you need to keep it safe as anyone can use it to do fraud.
Don’t write it down somewhere as anyone can get it, just see it from the statement and type it on this portal.
Visit Quick Pay’s official portal at
Here you will be asked to enter your QuickPay code.
Enter your QuickPay code to successfully login into this portal.

Forgot Login credentials?

If you’ve forgotten your Quick Pay Portal password, you can simply retrieve it because we have given steps of the password resetting process. Follow the steps given below and reset your password easily.

You can directly on the password resetting page by entering in the address bar of your browser.
Click on the “reset password” option that is below the login button.
After clicking on the “reset password” button, you will be asked to enter your email address, you have to enter it.
Now you will receive an email at your email address, then you simply have to follow the instruction. Your password will be successfully reset and you will be able to log in to your account again with your new password.

Benefits of QuickPayportal:

A patient can view their statement.
Request for the prescription.
He/she can schedule an appointment.
One can obtain a health record.
A patient can pay bills.
A obtain test result.
In case of emergency dial 911.

So, we can say that this portal is very important for our critical time. Anyone can avail of these facilities in just a few minutes.