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How to Create Free Minecraft Accounts 2019 Premium

Free Minecraft Accounts is something each one of us demand to get a taste of premium version of this game. Minecraft is a sandbox video game released in 2011. It was created by Swedish game designer Markus, later on, it was fully developed and released by Mojang. Mainly Minecraft is available on platforms like PS4, Xbox, Android, Nintendo Switch, etc. The initial release date of 17 May 2009 and it got into heads of many gamers along the years. You might have heard about Fortnite and PubG in 2018 – just like these games Minecraft also developed a lot of fans when it was released. It was one of the best games of that time and still leads. Minecraft game now is available both as Single and Multiplayer, you can either play it Online or Offline. Although the graphics may not suit you if you’re a new gamer but gameplay is really addictive. You will lose track your time, once you get addicted to Minecraft.

How to Create Free Minecraft Accounts 2019 Premium

Even though migration is not the only way to enjoy more features, it is considered the most effective. Some people think that it is impossible to get working Minecraft premium accounts for free. In fact, thousands of people out there have tried this method and it works. The migration does not only offer more features but also extra security layer and integrating Minecraft in Mojang library. It allows you easier access to play.

Migrate your free Minecraft accounts 2019 to Mojang account for premium access:

  • Open web browser, enter this link on your browser (htttps://account.mojang.com/migrate) and enter.
  • You will need to enter Minecraft account details including email, username, and password.
  • Complete other information and tick the checkbox to prove that you are not a robot.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Check whether or not the entered information is correct.
  • When you are done, click Migrate Account to proceed.
  • The page will load and it will direct you to the next page, which is a verification page.
  • Check your email as verification code consisting of 4-character code will be sent.
  • Enter the code in the field and click the verify button.
  • In no time, your free account will be migrated to Mojang account.
  • This is the best way that you can try to enjoy free Minecraft accounts in 2019 legally.
  • By having the account, you will be able to use the paid stuff without being worry to make any payment.
  • You are allowed to access any features offered by Minecraft.

That’s all you need to know about getting free Minecraft accounts. Although there are many Minecraft Premium accounts generator in the market, but all those tools are fake and neither of them works. Those are just to hack your Minecraft accounts – be safe from such tools in any way possible. If this article has helped you, don’t forget to leave a comment. Also, do let us know if you’ve any doubts or suggestions. I hope your doubts regarding how to get a free Minecraft account are solved.