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New York Web Hosting is like oxygen to a website, without it.. the site.. dies. Okay that is an exaggeration because it can be brought back to life. It does go off-line however, cutting out all contact, all on-line business on that website stops. Think of it as the projector projecting your website to the world.

Over the past 14 years of web hosting experince, I’ve seen websites disconnect, 4 day support response time, websites hacked, web hosting companies disappear. It is important to have a powerful hosting that can support modern wordpress websites, its not just html and css anymore, a host that has atleast 99% uptime, 24 hours instant support, help..
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Web Hosting

I also manage many websites on my server with SiteGround, which empowers me to host your website for you. I will handle everything, if the website crashes I fix it, I contact the hosting, once the hosting information is given. Did you know I can also keep your domain private from even Google finding it? that plus keeping hackers out, LS + SiteGround.

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secured web host netowrkSupport & Security is extremely important when it comes to any business let alone a business that holds your website high in the web cloud. You don’t want it to “accidentally” drop from the sky and you have no way of contacting headquarters for help, i’ve been there, not fun. I provide the support your website needs and with help of the elite guru support experts at Siteground, your website is protected and secured by imperial gaurds.

Are you with have you noticed how terrible their support is? I did. I do not enjoy HAVING to call them, I prefer instant chat, Siteground provides that and top notch experts with solutions to the problem at hand.

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